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The patented Pil-O-Splint is designed by an orthopedic & hand surgeon to provide relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It gently immobilizes the wrist, hand, and fingers in a neutral position during rest and sleep. Made with soft cotton lining and breathable foam. Slides on and off easily. LATEX FREE. One size fits either hand.

Nocturnal splinting of the wrist is commonly used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Rationales for overnight wrist splinting are based on several research studies, which suggest that passively and actively sustained positions of the wrist and digits during sleep contribute to elevated carpal tunnel pressures.

Shaped for maximum healing benefits during rest and sleep to ease wrist and hand pain caused by repetitive motion injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis and stoke hand. Two rigid dorsal stays gently immobilize the wrist, hand and fingers in a comfortable neutral healing position Unique design extends to fingertips to prevent finger clenching and harmful positions of the hand while sleeping Slides on and off easily. Universal, fits either hand Fits most hands with the forearm circumference up to 12•

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