LG Music Flow P7 Wireless Speaker


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Enjoy your music without the restrictions of any cords with this LG Portable 20W Bluetooth Speaker. It has two discrete channels of sound, left and right, that ensure proper stereo reproduction for a fuller more engaging experience. This LG Bluetooth speaker will allow you to experience your favorite movies, TV shows and music like never before. You can use it to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or other compatible device for a seamless listening experience. The wireless portable Bluetooth speaker has long-lasting battery life between charges. This provides you with plenty of time to listen to your favorite tunes. This is a handy piece of equipment to have when a stereo is just too much to carry. This small speaker will allow you to play your music loud enough for everyone around you to enjoy. This is ideal for a small gathering or picnic where music will create a nice setting.


  • 2 Channel
  • Dual Speaker Pairing
  • Built-In Battery
  • Bluetooth
  • Sound Sync
  • Multipoint


  • LG Portable 20W Bluetooth Speaker
  • Manafacturer’s Warranty and Instructions
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