GE 8 Outlet Premium Home Theater Surge Protector with Phone/Fax/Coax Protection,


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  • Automatic Shutdown Technology: In the event of an electrical catastrophic occurrence or if surge protecting components expire, thermal fuses shut power down, protecting all connected equipment
  • Clean Data: Electromagnetic and radio frequency interference which causes data disturbances and harm sensitive components are filtered out using high-frequency capacitors.
  • Ground Indicator: Indicates if home or office is properly wired
  • Power Switch: Turns power on and off
  • Surge Protection Indicator: Indicates surge protection components are working
  • Built-In Sliding Safety Covers: Designed to keep the entire family safe from electric current
  • Coaxial Line Protection: Protects cable modems, cable set top boxes and satellite television systems from surges and spikes
  • Power Adapter Outlets: Spaced to accommodated bulky AC to DC Adapters
  • Circuit Breaker: Resets surge protector if voltage exceeds maximum limits
  • Premium Heavy Duty Power Cord: 14 gauges, 6•cord with space saving right-angle plug
  • Phone Line Protection: Protects dial-up and DSL modems from surges and spikes. Split output jacks allows modem and one additional phone line device protection
  • Continuous Outlet: Allows constant power to an outlet while the remainder of the unit is turned off
  • 8 AC Outlets: Accommodates all your computer, peripheral, electronic and home theater equipment
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