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With a large virtual workspace and superior image quality, the 17-inch Apple Studio Display is
an outstanding display for creative professionals who demand exceptional performance in an
elegant, slim design.

The Apple Studio Display features a screen resolution of 1280 by 1024 pixels. That’s equivalent
to the virtual workspace typically selected on a 21-inch CRT monitor-enough to view a large
document and work comfortably without having to scroll around or toggle between windows.
But the comparison to a CRT display ends there. Using its all-digital technology, the Apple
Studio Display produces a superior image-it’s sharp and flicker free, with extraordinary
brightness and contrast. And the slim desktop footprint, minimal power consumption, and
superb system integration make it the perfect complement to your Power Mac G4 system.

The Apple Studio Display takes full advantage of the digital output of the Power Mac G4
system to deliver distortion-free images from edge to edge all the time. No adjustments are
ever needed. Graphic artists will appreciate that the Apple Studio Display delivers a full 16.7
million colors in a wide color gamut. In addition, its wide viewing angle technology maintains
color fidelity even when viewing off-axis. Video artists will enjoy the ultrafast pixel response
when working in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or iDVD. No matter what the task, the Apple Studio
Display is the superior display solution for the demanding creative professional.

Setting up the Apple Studio Display is a snap, thanks to the Apple Display Connector (ADC).
A single cable carries the digital graphics, power, and USB signals to the display, which dramatically
reduces the number of cables cluttering your desktop. The unique, touch-sensitive
power button on the front of the display controls the entire system-power on, sleep, and
wake. And the built-in two-port USB hub is convenient for connecting desktop peripherals.
As with all Apple displays, integration with the Power Mac G4 system is superb, and the result
is pure simplicity.

The Apple Studio Display gives you just what you’re looking for-stunningly sharp text and
graphics, and a workspace large enough to display your ideas to perfection. A unique hinge
design lets you effortlessly adjust the screen to your preferred viewing angle. And with
Mac OS X and its Aqua interface, your screen comes to life with color, translucence, and
fluid motion.

The Apple Studio Display. It’s flat-out superior.

Sensational display performance

  • 17-inch (viewable) active-matrix liquid crystal display
    that delivers sharp text and graphics

  • 1280 by 1024 pixels for display of page layouts,
    large images, or even spreadsheets

  • Designed to work with the Power Mac G4 digital
    graphics interface for distortion-free images

  • Incredibly wide (160• horizontal and vertical) viewing
    angle for maximum visibility and color performance

  • Lightning-fast pixel response for full-motion digital
    video playback

  • Support for 16.7 million saturated colors, for use in
    all graphics-intensive applications

Simple setup and operation

  • Simple, quick-latch connection to the Power Mac
    G4-no power cord required

  • Built-in two-port USB hub for easy connection of
    desktop peripheral devices

  • Single button to power on, put to sleep, or wake the
    Power Mac G4 system

Sleek, elegant design

  • Large virtual workspace, minimal physical footprint
  • Unique hinge design for effortless adjustment

Increase your workspace

  • With the Apple DVI to ADC Adapter, you can attach
    any Apple flat-panel display featuring an Apple
    Display Connector (ADC) to a PowerBook G4 with
    a DVI port, or an additional Apple flat-panel display
    to a Power Mac G4 with a DVI port.

  • The DVI to ADC adapter provides a high-quality,
    pure-digital connection from your PowerBook G4
    or Power Mac G4 to your Apple display

Monitors will be in good shape with less than 10 dead pixels (the same standard Apple uses).

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