Adaptec AHA-2940U2B Ultra2-LVD/SE PCI cards for MAC


  • 32-bit PCI local bus Interface Protocol
  • Bus master DMA: Host Bus Burst Data Rate:
  • 133 MB/sec Maximum Data Transfer Rate:
  • 80 MB/sec Peripheral Bus:
  • 8-bit & 16-bit Ultra SCSI, 32-bit Ultra2 SCSI SCSI Synchronous Maximum Burst Rates:
  • Ultra SCSI – up to 80 MB/sec in 16-bit mode and 20 MB/sec in 8-bit mode Device Protocol:
  • SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3, Ultra SCSI, Ultra2 SCSI and LVD Advanced SCSI Features:
  • Multithreaded I/O (up to 255 tasks simultaneously) Scatter/gather
  • Tagged command queuing
  • Disconnect/Reconnect External Connector:
  • 68-pin LVD Wide Ultra SCSI Internal Connectors:
  • 68-pin High-Density LVD Wide Ultra SCSI Device Support:
  • Up to 15 SCSI peripherals (internal or external)

About the Apple/Adaptec AHA-2940U2B

The Apple/Adaptec AHA-2940U2B is an Ultra2 LVD SCSI Single-Channel SCSI board. It is discussed in Apple TIL articles 58204, and 58256.

This card has a standard 68-pin MicroD external interface, and one internal 68-pin interface.

To ensure best compatibility, flash this board with the downloadable 2940U2B v1.2 Flash Utility available on the Apple website. Please check your board before you flash it. most likely it is already running the latest firmware. In the event you experience trouble with your board, running the flasher utility is a useful diagnostic procedure.

Note that the Apple version of the 2940U2, known as the U2B, lacks the problematic Adaptec “SpeedFlex” circuitry found on the commercial 2940U2W version which was intended to make it possible to run narrow single-ended devices on a wide LVD card. In our opinion, SpeedFlex was a great idea that intermittently worked as advertised and caused more problems than it resolved. Apple recommends that you use only LVD devices on this card.

Inspection Notes: OEM Card

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